the part that everyone hates

the grumbling has escalated to an alltime high, a stark contrast to the temperatures.

it was maybe a week ago we hit 59 degrees fahrenheit and smiles lit the faces of everyone. there was no room for sourness, only rejoicing. but it’s february – the armpit month – and it didn’t last. something called the polar vortex returned and that little taste of what’s to come ruined everything. winter drags on like a houseguest that needs someone, anyone, to show it love even though it’s long overstayed its welcome. 

i am here for you winter. i still love you.

the sun beat down and the God that plays with us gave us a taste of glory and we reveled in it. we rejoiced at the snow withering away. we rejoiced at the puddles, and the clear streets, and lighter coats. we said it’s about time.

it’s not though. it’s still February. it’s the heart of winter. this is the month when winter takes its toll and the rif raf wave the white flag. it’s the month we get through and praise the Maker for making it short.

i refuse to be the rif raf. i refuse to wave a white flag. and i refuse not to revel in the cold.

there is majesty in the snow. there is beauty in frozen breath. there is grace in trees lined with frozen water. forget not to see this. forget not that it will all dissipate. that in a couple short months it will be hot, and the fall will look inviting.

every season has it’s breathtaking aspects. like the little boy nestled deep under blankets and a hockey comforter that asks mom for just 5 more minutes, let us ask God for just a few more days of this thing we call winter.



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